TRANSFORM | Monthly Coaching Package


TRANSFORM | Monthly Coaching Package


How It Works

Phase 1 | Uncover.
The first step is to define what success means for you. Not what you were taught in school or what your parents or boyfriend or neighbor or Uber driver believe. What do you truly want your life to feel like? Once we establish this, we will peel back the layers to uncover anything that may be acting as a roadblock on your path. Are you living someone else’s story? What subconscious programming and limiting beliefs are keeping you small? Are there relationships or obligations in your life that are keeping you stuck in old patterns? Not anymore.

Phase 2 | Reclaim.
Now it’s time to reclaim your energy. You have spent years telling yourself that you can’t, that you aren’t good enough, that you don’t deserve it, that what other people want is more important than what you need. That stops now. This phase is all about nourishment.

Phase 3 | Reprogram.
Once we uncover your limiting beliefs, it is essential that we reprogram them. Failures become lessons. Rejection becomes guidance. Impatience becomes growth. “I can’t” becomes “Absolutely yes, when do I start?”

Phase 4 | Integrate.
In this phase we integrate all of the work you’ve done uncovering, reclaiming, and reprogramming with actionable steps for moving forward. Courage is not fearlessness, but rather persistence in the face of fear. This is where you begin to take expansive action.

What’s Included

— One month total of working together.
— Four 45 minute one-on-one video coaching sessions.
— Recordings of each session so you can go back and reference them anytime.
— Two completely customized Wilderness Packages based on our first and third sessions. If I am your guide, think of the Wilderness Package as your Swiss Army knife. Among anything that might support you, these can include: personalized journal prompts and mindfulness techniques for overcoming your specific anxieties and limiting beliefs, guided meditations, intuition work, reprogramming tools, etc.
— Email support throughout the month.

*Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive a direct email from me so we can schedule your month. Once the sessions are scheduled, the purchase is considered final and refund requests will not be accepted. There’s no more going back on your dreams, dear one. Please feel free to contact me here if you have any questions about this process!

What people are saying

“I'm just starting to experience the benefits of a mindfulness practice and I am forever grateful to Krystal for being willing to coach me to access a part of myself that has brought me so much peace during a time where stress, anxiety, and sadness felt beyond my control. If you are unsure about starting a mindfulness practice but think you might be ready to explore it, I highly recommend you trust your gut - as I've learned, it's probably right.”

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