Day 13 | Commit to Your Alignment

Being in alignment means trusting and living in the flow of your intuition, or your highest good. Many of us have this experience when we are on vacation, when obligations and expectations and duties that come from outside of ourselves melt away. We are able to simply be, at the call of nothing but our own desires. This is alignment. And mindfulness allows you to have access to this state at any time, regardless of your environment.

We are conditioned to “stick it out,” so often at the cost of our own happiness. Relationships, jobs, social obligations, claims about our own identity- we are told to hustle, to buck up, to work harder, despite the call of our inner beings to behave differently. As you learn to realign with the guidance of your intuition, commit to what you know to be true about yourself, regardless of the discomfort that it may cause at first.

Until now, you have likely been behaving out of habit rather than conscious choice. Habits are formed over time under the weight of suggestion by society and those around us, and the underlying goal of many habits is to stay safe, whether socially, mentally, or emotionally. Like taking responsibility for your experience, committing to your alignment is another area where the ego tends to stand up and resist. If you've never behaved from a place of alignment before, your new motives and decisions are likely going to feel and appear odd to yourself and those around you at first. I am not telling you that this work is going to come easily or without change, which might be painful. But behaving from your alignment is the only way to serve your highest good. It takes practice, but once we learn to trust our intuition at all costs, it is easier each and every day to commit to your alignment.

Know that you have the power and the right to design your life exactly how you want it. Commit to your well-being, and the things that are meant to be in your life will come.


Isolate something in your life that’s continually making you feel small and pushing you out of alignment. Maybe it’s a social gathering that you feel obligated to attend, a project you started that you no longer feel connected to, or someone you’ve been dating that you know isn’t right for you. Isolate that one experience, and journal about how it makes you feel. What story are you telling yourself that’s causing you to stay stuck in this situation? What limiting beliefs live here?

If you understand that your limiting beliefs are only that, you can step over them and into the magic that they’re blocking you from. Journal about this situation until you feel fully empowered to let it go.