Day 11 | Take Ownership of Your Experience

It's Day 11. You have been doing incredible work and are stepping into some pretty beautiful power. But as we know, with great power comes great responsibility. As we peer into the crevices of our thoughts, we can begin unraveling the limiting beliefs we have adopted, and start to see areas where we may be holding ourselves back.

This one is going to sting a little, folks. But it's a tenet of mindfulness that I think is especially important to master as you're stepping back into your power and regaining control of your life experience. I'm just going to be blunt: take responsibility for your emotions, your thoughts, your biases, your reactions, what matters to you- all of it. Stop blaming other people for your stuff. Resist the urge to dump your problems and complaints onto those around you. Take ownership of what matters to you, regardless of how the person next to you feels about it. Realize that you have absorbed other people's stories about reality. Release the story, and forgive the person who gave it to you- because I can almost guarantee that they did not do so intentionally.

Maybe you’re frustrated that you’re single, but you aren’t willing to go out and meet new people. Maybe you’re feeling stuck at your job, but instead of polishing your resume and looking at other options, you stay in the comfort of routine and the ego-driven delight of complaining. Maybe your parents had limiting beliefs about money, and they've naturally been passed on to you. Instead of using how you were raised as a reason why you can't do something, take responsibility for the conscious or subconscious choice you are making to stay small.

Taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions shows us how connected everything is. Our experiences and our thoughts are entwined like a web, and we have much more control over the shape of that web than we think we do.


You may have already experienced some ego resistance as you've moved through this course, but this section in particular is often where that really starts to ramp up if it hasn't yet already. This is normal and in fact to be expected, so there's an extra bonus lesson at the end of the course for addressing this. Please feel free to reference it anytime if you are experiencing resistance toward doing this work.


Journal about a place or relationship in your life where you feel stuck. What are the perceived blocks standing between you and the resolution of this experience? This situation will release when you have learned all you need to from it, so what is it trying to teach you? What lesson have you not yet accepted? What can you take responsibility for here?