Day 9 | Don't Attach to Negativity

We all have access to an incredible spectrum of emotions, but we’ve been wrongly conditioned to believe that some emotions are more worthy than others. We've been taught that we should never be angry or sad or lonely, and that the experience of these emotions is something to be ashamed of. But the truth is that the majority of our suffering comes not from experiencing a certain emotional state, but from trying to force ourselves out of it. There are two steps to overcoming this.

First, we must release the idea that any thoughts or emotional states are “negative.” We actually have the power to assign positivity or negativity to absolutely everything, our emotions included. Second and perhaps more importantly, instead of fighting these emotions, we must allow them. Give them some space, ask yourself what you can learn from them. Rather than allowing low vibration emotions to set the tone for the rest of your day, take a few minutes to simply be present with them. If you can accept it, it will pass.

Let's take sadness as an example, since it's an emotion that we are all very familiar with. If you find yourself feeling sad, instead of telling yourself that it's negative, practice treating it as if it's a neutral experience. Sadness is just a state, truly no better or worse than joy, excitement, or anger. Like the exercise in the previous lesson, instead of labeling your experience as negative, ask instead what you can learn from it. Why are you experiencing sadness? Use your ever-evolving skill of observing yourself to explore the last ten minutes of your experience. What triggered you into this emotional state? That trigger is a mirror into a place in your subconscious where there is room for healing. Explore it. Do not attach to what you find there, simply observe.



If you notice that you’re feeling low, stop and journal about it. What can you learn from the low feelings? What underlying experience are they connected to? Low vibration emotions often feel isolated, but they rarely are. Is there an underlying experience or belief that is affecting various aspects of your life, sending tendrils of low vibrations into your experience? Give yourself permission to explore here.