Day 14 | Be Kind to Yourself While You're Learning

Let’s review. So far, you’ve spent at least one day focusing on each of the following:

You’ve observed yourself.

You’ve taken control of your mental patterns.

You’ve detached from negativity.

You’ve learned to respond rather than react.

You’ve begun taking ownership of your experience.

You’ve opened to trusting your intuition.

You’ve started honoring the importance of your alignment.

Mindfulness is a lifelong pursuit, a daily choice. But the more you practice, the more you commit, the easier and more normal it becomes. Eventually, you won't have to stop and think before you react to a trigger, you will automatically respond mindfully. Eventually, what you might previously have labeled a rejection will now seamlessly be experienced as guidance toward a superior alternative. Eventually, you will know the call of your intuition so intimately that you are in a near-constant state of alignment and ease.

The only thing standing between you and a mindful life is your commitment to doing the work to live it each day. These changes are not going to happen overnight, and they are not going to come without growing pains. But you can do this. Take comfort in knowing that growing pains are a sign that you’re doing the work- the evidence of your efforts are literally in the name of these discomforts! A life unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed to be possible is within these practices.


Journal about which of the days were most challenging for you. Wherever you experienced the most resistance is probably where you have the most room for growth. Be open and honest with yourself in your explorations, and most importantly be kind to yourself while you’re learning.