Day 12 | Trust Your Gut

Do what feels right, not what you think you “should” be doing. We have been biologically equipped with a beautiful self-defense method, called our intuition, our gut reaction, or our instincts. In a time when most of us no longer have to worry about being stalked by a lion, we have been conditioned to silence our intuition, to ignore its guidance. But I believe that conditioning is partly to blame for this era of rampant anxiety and depression.

Your intuition knows the potential of your highest good, and knows what steps you should take to get there. Have you ever had an experience where everything just seemed to line up perfectly? I'll share a very condensed version of a real example from my life. In 2014, my partner and I at the time were living in Nashville, and feeling stagnant in every area of our lives. We knew we needed to make a change, but we didn't know what it should look like. We explored a couple of different options, and eventually decided to move across the country to a city neither of us had ever been to before (seriously). We knew no one there, had zero job offers, nothing. We signed a lease blindly via Craigslist (yikes), and went with absolutely no guarantees other than the feeling that we were doing the right thing. By all practical and logical parameters, we were being idiots. But that blind move led me into to a career that I had previously believed impossible to penetrate, and it led him to an incredibly meaningful path of advocacy work, and eventually to a partner that was much better suited to his highest good. We acted solely on intuition, and I think we would both agree that it was one of the best decisions we have made in our entire lives.

I am not suggesting that you uproot your entire life at the drop of a hat. What I am suggesting is that our intuition is the direct connection between our current selves and our highest potential. Even if you don't know why your intuition is suggesting something, trust that it is always leading you.

We all know that feeling, right? When something feels inherently right or wrong, regardless of what we cognitively know about it. For many this sensation arises from the stomach (hence the name "gut feeling"), but it can live anywhere in the body.

For the whole day today, I want you to check in with your intuition before you take action. When you wake up in the morning, what do you do first? When you go into the kitchen to make breakfast, are you having what’s easy or are you having what your body is genuinely asking for? When you go to work, are you engaging with your colleagues the way that you always do, or is there something you’ve been ignoring that you need to address? When you make plans for the evening, are you doing what will bring you the most joy, or are you agreeing to something out of obligation? It's okay if you cannot hear or perceive your intuition right away. It has likely suffered years of suppression, and it will take practice to bring it back to the surface. But trust that you can, and that you will. Like all things in this course, transformation comes from patient and committed practice.


For the whole day, commit to asking yourself this: am I acting on auto-pilot out of habit, or is this what I truly want to do? How often are you allowing outside forces to dictate your actions or your emotional state? How engaged do you feel with your intuition on a regular basis? Journal about your findings.