Day 10 | Respond, Don't React

We can be triggered by all sorts of things throughout the day: getting cut off in traffic, a nag from our boss or partner, a rude store clerk, a confusing email from a client. It’s easy to fall into autopilot and react to these triggers, but the truth is that each of them precedes a powerful behavioral choice. We can react from a place of ego, or we can respond from a place of mindfulness.

If you feel yourself being triggered by something, take a breath before you react. What response will produce the highest good for all in this situation? Maybe you want to tell your boss to take a hike, but will that really benefit your highest good? Reacting from a place of pain or tension tends to only breed further pain or tension. We have to make a conscious, mindful choice to stop the cycle.

Once you have learned to respond rather than react, you'll find that people will start to mirror that behavior back to you. When you approach people with patience, they respond with patience. We can eventually take this one step further and explore why certain things might be triggering you. A trigger is always a reflection of something unsettled within yourself. Sit with your frustrations instead of trying to rush through them- they have much to teach you.



What did you feel triggered by today? Did you react or respond? What happened? What can you learn about the underlying cause of that trigger?

Don't be hard on yourself if you didn't behave exactly as you would have liked to. We are all learning, and we must allow space for growth as we step into our highest selves.