Bonus Lesson | Ego Resistance + Fear

It is not uncommon to experience ego resistance while doing this work, especially when you're just starting out. The ego's job is to keep you safe. Familiar is safe, comfortable is safe, consistent is safe. The ego means well, and it is very good at doing it's job. But you are going to have to put it in its place if you are to move forward with this work.

I like to affectionately think of my ego showing up in one of three forms. Again, its intention is always to keep up safe, so its motive is often to distract or deter us. In my experience, personifying the ego's antics has allowed me to step over them. Here's how mine often shows itself:

1. The Chicken. "I'm too scared, what if I'm not very good at it?"
2. The Whiny Teenager. "That sounds like a lot of work. It's going to require doing a, b, and c, and I don't have enough time or energy to all of that." 
3. The Doom Fairy: "If you do this, you're going to fail and then no one will love you and you will lose everything and end up homeless and..." We all know how this one continues, right?

Sound familiar? As you're learning how to observe your thoughts rather than engage with them, it will become easier and easier to recognize when you are hearing from your intuition and when you are hearing from your ego.

Fear is an incredibly powerful deterrent. It is absolutely normal to experience fear, but all of the best work happens when we are able to find the courage to continue on our path despite it.

If you're experiencing any fear, here's a guided meditation to support you in moving past it.