The Beginner's guide to mindfulness

Two Weeks of Practices to Radically Change Your Life


Made up of eight unique lessons, eight sets of journal prompts, and two guided meditations, The Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness is a toolbox of heart-centered skills for returning to what i believe is our natural state: ease, joy, and empowerment.

Mindfulness is the key to unlock anything. It is the door through which we walk toward openness and peace. It is the seatbelt against the wreck of stress and anxiety. It is the recognition of the light within each of us, and the celebration of our collective experience.

The culmination of these practices has taken me from scared, desperate, anxious, and self-conscious, to open, calm, fluid, honest, and authentic. I have found a freedom unlike anything I thought possible, simply by committing to the lessons that you will learn in this course.

The Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness is all of the hard lessons that I have learned in two years of pursuing mindfulness and meditation, boiled down for you to just two weeks of practices. In starting or honing your own practice, this course is meant to be a a guide in the space between “there is no way I can do this” and “I definitely can do this." Because you definitely can do this.


This course is absolutely for you if

You often feel anxious, stressed, unmotivated, lost, or stuck.
You know that you are meant for great things, but you don’t know how to get to them.
You are relatively new to mindfulness and meditation.
You know that mindfulness is something that would benefit your life, but you’re overwhelmed about how or where to start.


This course might not be for you if

You are not willing to do the work. Really be honest with yourself on this one. I can offer you the map, but you have to be willing to show up and meet yourself in the wilderness.

You already have an intermediate-advanced mindfulness practice. 


how it works

The Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness is a two week online course that can be completed from anywhere that you have access to the internet. Once inside the course portal, you will have access to all of the content, but I highly recommend that you move through each lesson in order, one day at a time.

Other than a willingness to grow, all you need to complete this course is a journal.
Expect to spend between 15-45 minutes per day on each lesson throughout the course.


what you'll learn

How to Observe Yourself Without Judgement
How to Take Control of Your Mental Patterns
How to Detach from Negativity
How to Respond, Rather than React
How to Take Ownership of Your Experience
How to Trust Your Intuition
How to Determine and Commit to Your Alignment
How to Be Kind to Yourself While You’re Learning
How to Recognize and Overcome Ego Resistance
And most importantly, how to use all of these practices to overcome stress, feelings of unworthiness, and false realities of being stuck.


What You Get

A simple and approachable introduction to meditation, including what it is and how to use it.
Eight unique lessons.
Eight corresponding journal prompts.
Two guided meditation recordings.
24/7 online access to the course.
Automatic access to any future course updates.
Discounts on one-on-one coaching sessions.


What People Are Saying

“I just did Day 1 of The Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness and you are amazing. I loved the guided meditation and the piece you wrote and it was just a lovely addition to my day. I did it while my son while asleep in the car. I got a lot of clarity on the biggest stressor in my life right now and I’m just grateful. Thank you.”
— Meghan D.
“My favorite part about this course is that it has the potential to be whatever you make it. The guided meditations and journal prompts serve as helpful guides, but ultimately the tools are already there at your disposal, putting you in charge. There were times where I would fall off track with my daily meditation streak and my instinctual reaction was frustration at my lack of discipline. But the course is built on a judgement-free mindset that allowed me to start again with an open mind and clear intentions. I’ve never lost motivation to begin again. “
— Hanna B.

So, are you ready to awaken your most empowered self?