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It took me a long time to get here.

I have always wanted to help people. It's in my heart, it's in my blood, it's all over my astrological chart (hello, Virgo). But I'm not a doctor or a firefighter or a social worker, and for most of my life I believed that I had to have a title to make a difference. For years I carried stories about who I could and could not be, what work I could and could not do, and how I could and could not contribute.

I started meditating in 2016. Under a crushing weight of anxiety and depression and a total unwillingness to go (back) on medication, it was the only thing I knew to try. And frankly, it changed everything.

In the time since this practice has become a cornerstone of my life, I have learned to celebrate two things about myself. First, that it's very easy for me to see the light in people, whether embodied or potential. And secondly, that I believe the majority of our limitations are self-inflicted. The combination of these two things has brought me here- to a title of my own choosing, and to work that means more to me than anything else ever has.

Mindfulness is a living practice of realizing that you are not your thoughts, but rather a thinking being that is a part of (and has access to) an incredible network of energy. Through this realization, anything becomes possible.

My name is Krystal Thompson. I am a Reiki Practitioner, Feng Shui Consultant, Tarot Reader, and Mindfulness Coach, and it is my absolute pleasure to help you access the well of light and limitlessness that is within you.